Soccer Training: The Art of Playing Attacking Soccer (2)

Online-DVD The Art of Playing Attacking Soccer 2

eVideo: The Art of Playing Attacking Soccer 2

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Peter Schreiner (Institute for Youth Soccer, Germany) and
Norbert Elgert (Head Coach U19 FC Schalke 04),

How do we organize varied and complex training forms?
How do you train “throug paasing” or “crossing in front of the back four?”
And how do you use spaces? How do you get players under pressure of time and precision? See interesting training forms with different technical and tactical focus. You also get tips and suggestions on the necessary corrections.

One-Touch Passing in a Square

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The Art of Attacking Soccer 2

  • Basic Drill
  • Shorter Distances
  • Clockwise Passing
  • Longer Distances
  • Combination with Shot at Goal
  • Change of Starting Position
  • Competitive Game
  • One-Touch Passing in a Figure-8

Basic Drill, Including Running with the Ball

  • Throwing the Ball
  • 2-Touch or 1-Touch Passing
  • Corrections and Tips
  • Passing and Running at Speed
  • Double Wall Pass
  • Finishing
  • Wall Pass and Double Pass
  • Decision-Making
  • Additional Central Player
  • Skipping a Line
  • Skipping the Central Player
  • Double Pass and Wall Pass
  • Two Double Passes
  • Shooting at a Full-sized Goal

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Y Drill

  • Basic Drill
  • Continuous Drill
  • Shooting at Goal
  • Forward Passing/Crossing
  • Passing via a Third Player
  • Double Pass
  • Overlapping

Brazilian Combination

  • Basic Drill
  • Skipping a Line
  • Double Pass at the Start
  • Creating Space/Crossing

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