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Soccer DVDs: Horst Wein - Game Intelligence

Soccer DVDs: Horst Wein – Game Intelligence

There is an online book “Coaching Game Intelligence in Youth Football

Online book "Game Intelligence"

This eBook covers all information that you will see in the DVD Developing Game Intelligence in Soccer.

Author:  Horst Wein

Pages: 55


  1. What does Game Intelligence mean in Football?
  2. Preparatory and Corrective Games in Mini-Football
  3. Mini-Football 3 v 3
  4. Mini-Football 3 v 2
  5. Mini-Football 3 v 1
  6. Mini-Football Variations
  7. Testing the Playing Capacity
  8. Mini-Football Pentathlon
  9. Planning and Structuring a Football Season with Mini-Football Competitions
  10. Taking Mini-Football Further Toward 7-a-side Football